Sunday, September 21, 2014

Brighter Days

"Never follow someone else's path unless you're in the wood and you're lost and you see a path, then by all means, you should follow that." - Ellen DeGeneres

Lots of things are going on lately, that's why I hardly find time to do anything else than school. But all in the name of the game, I say - at the very least, I'm more motivated than ever for school. We've started a new project - founding a brand new company including the whole corporate design, creating a product and later on selling it. It's a really interesting process. As soon as our product is out and everything else as well, I'll let you know. But until then I'll keep it as a secret... 

The weather is currently, well let's say going crazy. It can be around 26 degrees centigrade and the next day it is raining and about 15 degrees. Or the sun is shining and just then it begins to rain. Which was the case whilst I was shooting this look. But lucky me, I was wearing this raincoat as if I knew it was going to rain. 

I'm currently working on a new Corporate Design of my website and also my blog. My current design anyway was just meant to be a transition. I'm thinking about not only featuring my own looks but also my favourite editorials and fashion edits.

What are your thoughts about that? Would you welcome that?

I'm wearing a long raincoat from Rains which I got from Fizzen in combination with this comfy blouse from edc by Esprit in a loose fit. Together with my Birkenstock and Topshop jeans this is an easy to-go look with whom you'll never go wrong. 

Enjoy the pictures and meanwhile maybe check my profile @jessicachrist on Instagram?


  1. great coat!

  2. Jessica, your pictures are amazing and breath-taking! I also like your new idea in giving your blog a new design :)
    In addition I have a little inspiration for you, which many many people, I'm pretty sure, would find interesting, too.
    Some blogger and photographer did something like a tutorial for their readers in how they edit their photos and how they shoot their photos as well as an behind-the-scenes blog post.
    It would be absolutely great if you do something like that. I hope you like my idea!

  3. Mega shöni fotis!
    Ha dich letshtens uf Joiz - Must have! gse, voll cool! Chumsh sehr sympatish übere =)


  4. belles photos :)
    Coline ♥

  5. Amazing post! Great pics! ♥

  6. Gorgeous coat, love it.

  7. Gorgeous photos!! :) x
    Johanna -

  8. love your pics !

  9. Wonderful photos love the sunshine and colors!

  10. You take such stunning pictures!

  11. Whoa! You are the first fashion blogger I enjoy reading. Sure I would welcome that!

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    I’ll be happy to see you in my blog!

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    Best wishes,
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  17. This outfit is pretty classy and it looks great on you!