Saturday, May 25, 2013

Jessica Christ x x Fashiolista

Bag by Jessica Christ for 
Sweater from Voodoo Girl
Earrings from Merrin and Gussy

This is the ''Jessica'' Bag I've designed for the competition with and ! There will be a big voting soon and if you like this bag and you'd maybe like to buy one soon, then please vote for me! All the bags will be sold, only the winner out of the 3 will be able to design a mini collection!

To my bag:
I was inspired by these awesome shoes I wear on my outfit.
 I've also thought that the bag should be practically so that it should have big space. It has 2 openings. One is in front, and one at the back. The one in front is open but you can close the one at the back.
There is a zipper in the one at the back and also 2 spaces for your mobile phone or something else.

I have my final exams in one week and I few days and afterwards I will have so much time to improve my photography skills, go shopping, have time for everything for which I haven't got enough time until then... Agh I'm so happy then! But for now I have to study hard and it's quite annoying to remember what I've learned in mathematics about 3 1/2 years ago haha. Also French is not that easy, especially the speaking part. And I hate the people who made these exams because they won't test English!!! F*cking stupid people... I wish good luck to those of you who are gonna have their final exams too. :)

Here's the video! But you better watch it on Vimeo! Filmed by me, music by me. 


  1. Replies
    1. such a nice shooting

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      Coline ♡

  2. Your bag is incredible, I really love it!
    The other day I saw a video in which you and your boyfriend appear! It's really cute and I love it! :))
    Good luck for your exams Jessica! Now I'm in the same situation, and I know how difficult the exams are! I hope you pass all :)
    Kisses from Spain <3

  3. Love your outfit and bag!!!
    xoxo Sophia

  4. I love these photos! so beautiful!
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  5. Die Tasche ist wundervoll! Hast du toll gemacht. :)

  6. Pink and gold so pretty comb!!

  7. nice bag!

  8. So cool, love the pants! Good luck on the contest and your finals!

  9. love your bag :)

  10. wow this trousers ! BIG LOVE ♥

  11. love that heels!
    I can't wear it cause i'm 1,72cm LOOOL
    but you look so beautiful in them :)

  12. Wow die Tasche ist echt schön! Schade nur das sie so teuer ist, sonst hätte ich sie direkt gekauft.

  13. Good color and good style, really attractive. Every man needs a good sheepskin jacket, I was surprised to find, there I found so many quality items, very cool looking.

  14. That bag is so chic! Congrats!

  15. It seems I'm on the right track, I hope I can do well. The result was something I did and was doing to implement it.