Sunday, December 9, 2012

Perfect is boring!

Earring from Choies
Shoes from GoJane


  1. amazing and very very nice look , i love your earring <3

  2. So beautiful! love the top!

  3. You will be ill, when you will take pictures like that.. I think, that are outfits for summer or spring and not outfits for winter... we readers want to see some inspiration, som nice outfits for the each season, we want to see your style, how are you wearing clothes every day and not only for the purpose of blog. I can take on some mini skirt and shirt without sleeves and some nice shoes and take pictures too..but it doesn´t fit to this season, and then we all know that you don´t wear those combinations anywhere because it´s winter and you would never wear it to this cold weather.. I don´t understand bloggers who do blogs you should show your own style, pictures of outfits, which you REALLY wear I think... I´m sorry for that words, I think you are talented and beautiful girl, but don´t understand what´s the point...

    1. Well, I understand your opinion but you have to know, that I never wear heels or something except for my photos (or special occasions). I like it casual in my freetime and I mostly wear sweaters, a jeans, converse or boots, my jacket and a beanie in this season. You all would be so bored of just seeing the same all day. I try to make different looks though. And I don't have that much jackets, shoes, sweaters and pants to make a lot of different looks. Also, in Australia it is summer and maybe they want inspiration too? :)
      And it IS my own style, but because I'm only 15 I won't wear outfits like the one above often, just for special occasions.

      Thanks! :)

  4. geile schuhe !

  5. Just found your blog, amazing! You're so beautiful :) Do you have a fashiolista? I love your style! Greetings from Finland :)

  6. Hey, auf meinem Blog läuft gerade eine Blogvorstellung und da ich deinen Blog wirklich schön finde, würde ich mich total freuen, wenn du Lust hast mitzumachen! ♥

  7. hey:) ich bin schon des längeren leser deines blogs und find ihn richtig spitze!:)
    und jo ich bin männlich, ich finde es gibt viel zu wenig blogs von männern und deswegen hab ich mir gedacht ich fang einfach damit an:) ich hab mein blog noch nicht so lange aber ich könnte ein bisschen untersützung gebrauchen haha:) ich hab auch schon eine vorstellung von deinem blog auf meinem blog (ich hoff ma du verstehst haha)& wär richtig geil wenn du villeicht mich irgendwie erwähnen könntest haha danke:) und nochma du wärst ein geeignetes model mit deinen fotos, haha;)